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Our Services has been operating since 2006 we offer proven and high ranked signal systems to retail traders, fund managers and to small, mid and large size brokers.

Signal providers

If you are searching for strong and professional signal providers for Currencies, Commodities, Single shares and CFD assets of indices. You are at the right place! We give you the choice between thousands of trading strategies for more than 40 currencies, metals, CFD with a live history record.

Managed accounts

We offer managed accounts and sophisticated portfolio management services only from companies that are licensed. If you choose to take advantage of our services we will conduct a screening process in order to ascertain whether it can enter into a business relation with a certain individual or corporation.

Mirror Trading

We offer the mirror trading method that allows traders in financial markets to select a trading strategy and to automatically “mirror” the trades executed by the selected strategies in the trader's brokerage account. Once a strategy has been selected, all the signals sent by the strategy will be automatically applied to the client’s brokerage account. No intervention is required by the client as all the account activity is controlled by the platform at all times.